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Project Title and objectives

Title of the project:

Improvement of the Master program on the physics of renewable energy sources and the sustainability environment, stimulating creative and innovative activity of students

A brief description of the project based on the provided proposal:

The project is aimed at a significant improvement in the result of the main mission of the university - the training of highly qualified specialists demanded by modern society who are competitive at the international level and allow increasing labor productivity and ensure the growth of the innovative economy of the country. Qualitative improvement of the teaching process, improvement of the curricula of elective courses and problems of applied research, strengthening the material and technical base of laboratories, strengthening the integration of the triangle "Education-Science-Innovation" through the active involvement of the employer in the educational and research processes.

Objectives and activity directions for the project

The project will develop and implement new elective courses for bachelor of physics, master’s and doctoral programs, including the exemplary content of the relevant programs of European partner universities.

Start date of the project01.03.2019
Expected completion date of the project:28.02.2021 (Old: 31.12.2020)
Duration of the project:24 month (Old: 18 month)
Budget amount for the project:140.000,00 USD

Detailed budget before modernization

Cost item Eligible expense Unit Quantity required Unit Cost Total Cost
Goods: Measurer of Charge carriers life time “Sinton WCT-120” set 1 32 000 32 000
Hall system (Холловская установка ФЭЛ-3М) set 1 2 000 2 000
Solar photovoltaic system (Солнечная фотоэлектрическая система СФЭС-НР) set 1 3 800 3 800
PV Complete Package, 5.2 KWp (4.8 KWh) PМ set 1 12 000 12 000
CS130-RG-3-FH 1/8m Monochromator, Extended Range, 300-2200 nm, RS232/GPIB set 1 6 200 6 200
Subtotal: 56 000
Consult.Srv Foreign and National consulting Service       60 000
Subtotal: 56 000

Local partners

European partners

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